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Causes and solutions of gear wear

Cause Analysis: ① lack of oil; ②The lubricating oil is mixed with metal chips under wear, which will also cause tooth surface wear: ③The gear material does not meet the requirements, causing abnormal wear; ④The gear has defects such as blisters, pores and looseness, and insufficient spheroidization: Insufficient heat treatment hardness or no heat treatment; ⑥ Gear meshing accuracy and motion accuracy cannot meet the requirements: ⑦Arc gear is very sensitive to the error of center distance, especially the positive error of center distance, Only the bending strength of the gear teeth is reduced, but sliding wear is also increased.

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Reasons, prevention and elimination methods of abnormal noise in the reducer

1. The reducer is overloaded; 2. The load of the working machine is unbalanced; 3. Deterioration of lubricating oil; 4. The gear tooth surface is worn or the manufacturing quality is poor; 5. The bearing clearance is too large or too small; there is adhesion on the f tooth surface; 6. There are sundries in the box;

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Routine inspections should be done when assembling the geared motor

The geared motor refers to the integration of the reducer and the motor (motor). This integrated body can also be called a geared motor or a geared motor. The geared motor needs to be checked in the following aspects during the assembly process.

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How to maintain the small reducer?

How to maintain the small reducer? In fact, the maintenance of the reducer is very simple. As long as the lubricating oil is replaced regularly and the wearing parts inside the reducer are replaced regularly, the normal operation of the reducer can be guaranteed. The specific points are as follows. aspect.

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