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Quality Control

01.Gear testing equipment

JE series gear measurement center: The instrument structure inherits the mature layout and guide rail form of Jingda, the optimized mechatronics design, multi-dimensional digital probe, equipped with imported grating, the spindle adopts DDR direct drive technology, and the linear axis adopts imported full digital AC servo unit , Equipped with a high-end CNC system specially developed by the United Professional Company for gear measuring instruments, full closed-loop control, full data acquisition error processing, automatic measurement of gear errors, and the radial coordinate axis of the instrument ensures linear motion in the full measurement range. The stroke does not need to manually adjust the front and rear positions of the probe; it can measure the comprehensive accuracy of the hob, gear, worm gear and worm at the same time, the detection resolution is 0.0001mm, and the repeated measurement accuracy error is within 0.002mm. Measurement of 0.2 modulo gears.

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02.Gear meshing meter

Gear meshing tester: GTR-4LS Osaka precision gear meshing testing machine, equipped with standard gear, internal gear device, automatic eccentric device and other accessories, double-sided meshing test is used for the measurement of single-tooth radial error and full-tooth radial error , The detection sensor of the meshing machine adopts a linear scale, which can also be used for the measurement of the radius. The detection resolution is 0.0001mm, and the minimum center distance is 10mm.

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