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A national high-tech enterprise integrating development, production and sales of small modulus gears, gearboxes and DC gear motors

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We provide professional transmission solutions

Application Project: Surgical Robot Low Backlash Micro Gearbox
The customized micro gear box of the surgical robot, with a diameter of 22mm, has a low backlash and a no-load virtual displacement of 0.3 °. It is applied to the mechanical arm of the surgical robot to realize the accurate minimally invasive surgery.
Application Project: High-end door lock gear motor
This φ16mm brushless geared motor for electric door locks has been cooperating with well-known German door and window companies for more than 10 years, with long life (more than 250,000 times of opening and closing door locks), low noise (noise value 45Db), high torque (maximum momentary withstand 1.5Nm) )
Application Project: Gearboxes for Surgical Power System Applications
The surgical power system uses a Celent gearbox with a diameter of 12mm and an imported motor with a high input speed of 60000rpm, which solves the problem of high-speed operation and supports high-temperature sterilization.
Application Project: Medical beauty equipment
All-metal gear box with brushless hollow cup motor solves the problem of intensity noise, can withstand torque 2NM, noise 40 decibels, reliable and stable use in medical beauty equipment
Application Project: Medical Electric Bone Drill
For this type of application, the gear box drive part designed by Celent can provide an ideal solution and replace imported products. The Celent gearbox for medical orthopedic bone drills can withstand high input speed of 80000rpm, large torque, and can also withstand high temperature sterilization for 1000 rpm. Second-rate
Application Project: Medical Electric Stapler Motor
Motor for medical electric stapler, small diameter and large torque of 2~6Nm, good product stability and consistency, high and low temperature sterilization test resistance, and can replace imports
Application Project: Intelligent car brake power system application
With the increasing demand for enhanced safety and intelligent autonomous driving in the automotive industry, auto parts manufacturers continue to face new challenges. Celent drive solutions can be widely used in smart vehicles, such as transmission worm gears for brake power system applications. When facing harsh environmental conditions and with special requirements for safety and reliability, our customers will rely on Celent -We are your R&D partner.
Application Project: Automotive electric tailgate application
Automobile electric tailgate gearbox, patented product, helical tooth structure design, carrying large torque (breaking torque 20Nm)
Application Project: Rail Robot Gearbox
One of the projects of cooperation with a well-known Swiss motor company by applying Celent precision planetary gearbox to a guide-rail robot, and successfully developed a 42mm diameter gearbox (maximum outer disk diameter 95mm) with a secondary transmission backlash within 0.5°, and the output can withstand 50Nm high torque.
Application Project: Special gear motor for pipeline robot
Good stability and reliability, replacing imported geared motors Product model ST16PB-1K7K5-12-384 Product specification φ16mm
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Application Project: Electric pruning shears high torque gearbox
The design and optimization of the special gearbox for Serente electric pruning shears solves the problems of life, noise and high torque in the industry

Four core advantages

Design and Development | Manufacturing | Quality Control | Quality Service

Manufacturing capacity

Machine processing technology is adopted: high speed, high efficiency and high precision to ensure stable quality and good consistency of batch products.

There are more than 180 automatic production equipment, and 10 new high-precision gear hobbing equipment imported from Japan and Switzerland have been introduced......

Design and development capabilities

Independent research and development, the technical team has been focusing on the design, development and manufacture of gear transmission for more than 30 years, providing transmission solutions for customers......


Quality control ability

Rigorous material selection, advanced production technology, and strict quality control prevent any unqualified factors from entering the manufacturing process. It has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality......

Quality service capability

Silent can provide customers with all-round services of gears, gearboxes and geared motors from R&D and design to production and manufacturing to inspection and measurement to after-sales!

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Manufacture products with heart and serve customers sincerely

Dongguan Silent Industry Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Silent Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006. It has been deeply involved in the small module gear industry and the miniature precision planetary gearbox industry for many years. It has a stable technical team and profound technical accumulation. It is a national high-tech enterprise and has obtained more than 30 patents. Provide customers with overall solutions for precision small module gears, micro-precision planetary gearboxes and DC gear motors......

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