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Advantages and disadvantages of DC motors with reducers

A DC motor with a reducer is referred to as a DC gear motor for short. The main drive structure is composed of a DC motor and a reducer (gearbox). It is a deceleration drive device that is widely used. pros and cons.

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How to choose the soft tooth surface and hard tooth surface of the gear motor gear?

Reducer motor gears can be divided into two types: soft tooth surface and hard tooth surface. How to distinguish them? How to choose? Below, Celent Industrial will give you a brief introduction.

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Material selection method of geared motor

Geared motors are widely used in machinery and steel industries due to their high efficiency and reliability, long working life and easy maintenance. So what kind of material of the geared motor is of good quality, and how to choose the material of the geared motor?

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Performance Requirements for Micro Brushless Motors for Aerospace

The applications of micro brushless motors in aerospace are as extensive as in automobiles. For example, various types of valves and actuators are used on aircraft to perform various critical functions, from regulating fuel flow to engines to controlling access to aircraft environmental control systems. air flow.

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Why are most gear reducers helical?

Gears are an important part of geared motors and play an important role. And most gear reducers use helical teeth, why is this? Next, Celent Industrial will introduce it to you.

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How to choose a suitable gear motor?

There are many types of geared motors. The structure, power, performance, and route of each geared motor are different. Many people do not know how to choose the right one. If you want to buy a gear reducer motor, Celent Industrial will introduce two methods to you.

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