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22m diameter geared motor smart home electric curtain application

Moving curtain application Serent micro DC geared motors can be used in the shading industry, smart home intelligence such as window openers, electric curtains, electric doors, electric door locks, et

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Minimum diameter 8mm planetary gearbox

Celent's new product recommendation - 8mm diameter metal planetary gearbox, which can be widely used in precision instruments, medical drives, intelligent robots and other industries.

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Celent was awarded the title of Specialized, Specialized and New Enterprise

The leading products of Dongguan Sailent Industrial Co., Ltd. are high-precision small-modulus gears and deceleration motors, which are widely used in sweeping robots and automation, intelligent medical, and home control systems.

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Rail Robot Gearbox

One of the cooperation projects with the well-known Swiss motor enterprise, the guide robot uses the Selent precision planetary gearbox to develop a customized solution. It has a unique shape, the backlash difference of the secondary transmission is within 0.5°, and the output can withstand a large torque of 100Nm.

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Gearboxes for Medical Surgical Power System Applications

The surgical power system is suitable for otology, rhinology, nasopharynx/larynx, neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedics, spine surgery, plastic surgery, stomatology, etc., as well as intraoperative cutting/cutting, grinding, drilling, For the surgical operation of sawing bone and other tissues, the surgical power system uses a Celent gearbox with a diameter of 12mm, and an imported motor with a high input speed of 60000rpm, which solves the problem of high-speed operation and supports high-temperature sterilization

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The diameter of the gear motor for the money counter is 37mm

The diameter of the deceleration motor for the money counter is 37mm. It adopts a new structure for shaft movement and shaft fixed type, which solves the problem of service life in the industry. The service life can reach more than 5000H. The helical tooth structure is designed with low noise.

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